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Welcome to Nexxspan™ Healthcare where design, assembly and distribution of medical equipment management systems is our specialty.  Our long history in providing Equipment Rails and Accessories including Infection Control products has afforded us an expertise that we used to further develop environment-specific Headwalls and IV Transfer Systems.  Let us partner with you to create the optimal medical equipment management system for your facility.

ISO 13485: 2003 Certified


Reduce patient transport accidents with the TAD™ IV Transfer System.  Transfer IV Poles with equipment safely and easily between the patients’ bed and headwall or boom.  The IV pole is secured via an automatic locking mechanism and fits within the footprint of the bed while keeping the floor space clear.

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The Matrixx-M for the NICU was designed to meet the unique environmental needs of the neonatal baby, families and clinicians.  Research shows the significant impact the physical environment has on developing newborn brains and has recommended standards for the NICU based on the evidence.  The Matrixx-M meets each of those standards to create a better environment for development.

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Nexxspan™ Healthcare, LLC announces its recent achievement of ISO 13485:2003 certification for the design, assembly and distribution of its medical equipment management system products.  ISO 13485:2003 is recognized as the international quality standard for the design and manufacture of medical devices.



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